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 Resources For The Calculus Student:

 Resources For The Calculus Instructor:

  • Sample exam problems
    Here are sample exams problems from first year calculus, in tex format, sorted by problem area. Feel free to modify these and use them for your own exams.
  • Calculus classroom demonstrations
    Calculus demonstrations that you can use in the classroom to spice up your lectures and prevent those nodding heads.


Sites with Calculus Exams.

Tutorials and courses in calculus:

  • Online math courses from MIT. The OpenCourseWare project at MIT puts many valuable resources online. Calculus and many other math courses are represented.

Animated demonstrations of calculus:

Sites with Calculus problems.

  • Aid for Calculus: About 300 sample problems from John A. Taylor, with solutions. Nicely indexed.
  • This wiki site has lots of user generated sample problems with solutions in calculus and other areas.
  • Dr. Math: Great list of problems. Also has something to say on calculus and other topics.
  • S.O.S. Math - Calculus: Good list of problems with solutions. Through Fourier Series.
  • The Math Shop: Some solved problems, java applets for calculus, and review material.
  • Hotmath: Follow the students button to get a list of solutions to the odd problems in the calculus texts of Stewart; Larson, Hostetler, Edwards; and Tan
  • Find The Error: Douglas Shaw challenges you to find the error in some calculus proofs.
  • WYKAmath: Integral and derivative problems with nicely explained answers. Also some videos that may appeal to youtube fans.

Sites with Sage, Mathematica, Maple, etc. based calculus notebooks and problems.

Online texts:

  • Calculus Made Easy A classic calculus supplement by Sylvanius P. Thompson. Published in 1914, it was very popular. The treatment is intuitive. Available via a digital library.
  • Free Online Textbooks Links to free online texts in a variety of mathematical areas, including calculus.
  • Online math textbooks from a list maintained by George Cain, at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Calculus textbook by Gilbert Strang. Full textbook available in pdf format.

Tutorials and explanations of calculus topics:

  • Online calculus notes: From the University of British Columbia. Has some nice explanations and some interactive features.
  • Calculating the Volume of a Vase: A very nicely presented project in which the volume of a real vase is computed. From the Duke University Mathematics Department.
  • Karl's Calculus Tutor: Lots of nice explanations of calculus concepts.
  • Mudd Math Fun Facts: Nice explanations of many calculus (and other mathematical) concepts. Also has geometry, algebra, probability etc. sections. Organized by level of difficulty.
  • Common Errors: Common errors in undergraduate mathematics, compiled by Eric Schechter at Vanderbilt University.
  • Graphics for the calculus classroom: A collection of graphics and animations that illustrate calculus concepts.
  • Survival Guide: One person's calculus survival guide.
  • AP Calculus: College Board's guide to AP Calculus.
  • Dave's math Tables: Tables of integrals, derivatives, and series expansions.
  • Learning Calculus: Some calculus motivational propaganda.
  • Animated examples by Louis A. Talman of the Metropolitan State College of Denver. A nice collection of very informative animations.
  • Dr. Vogel's Gallery of Calculus Pathologies A collection of strange functions that illustrate points about continuity and differentiablility.
  • World Web Math Linked collection of calculus explanations from MIT.
  • Wikipedia Entry on calculus in the online encyclopedia. Many links to specialized topics.
  • Calculus Tutorials and Problems Free interactive tutorials on clauclus topics, including Mean Value Theorem, Runge Kutta, Fourier Series. Many links to specialized topics.
  • Wyzant has a collection of calculus explanations on selected topics from precalc through vectors.

Collections of calculus site links:

Vector calculus and multivariable calculus sites:

Calculators for derivatives, integrals etc.:

  • As well as integrals and derivatives, it does limits, series expansions, vector analysis, integral transforms etc. A powerful tool.
  • An online integrator. Be careful or you will be replaced by a $12 calculator. Based on Mathematica.
  • An online cacluator for derivatives, integrals. Also does plots and formula simplification.
  • Encalc: A free online cacluator that includes numerical integration and numerous physical formulas
  • Graphing calculator: Graphs several equations at once.

Calculus applets and software:

Calculus videos:

  • Center of Math: has video lectures on differential and integral calculus topics.
  • Just Math Tutorials: has a large collection of youtube videos on calculus and other math topics.
  • Midnight Tutor: This site has a large collection of videos that both explain concepts and work through problems.
  • Calculus videos: The Khan academy has many free videos with calculus explanations.
  • Brightstorm: has a variety of free videos offering calculus explanations.

Applications of Calculus:

Calculus and Society, History etc:

Commercial Calculus Products:

  • Help With Math: Offers MathXpert software to help learn precalculus and calculus.

Related Topics: Precalculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra etc.:

  • Precalculus Notes : Extensive collection of nice explanations of precalculus topics by Ken Kuniyuki of San Diego Mesa College.

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