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Program Schedule

Time Title
8:00-8:30 am

Speed Networking & Registrations Event Moderator- Ms. Tasneem Prue and Ms. Nora Crimly

8:30-8:40 am

Video broadcasting from Stanford and WiDS 2019

8:40- 8:50 am

Opening Remarks: Dr. Ahmed Al Yamani, Rector Prince Sultan University(PSU)

8:50- 9:00 am

Significance of WiDS @ PSU: Dr. Heba Khoshaim, Assistant Professor Mathematics, Vice Rector Female campus, Executive Supervisor WiDS Riyadh Prince Sultan University

Session 1: 9:00 am–10:30 am
Data Science in Healthcare and Law Session Chair : Dr. Paula Kenny, Associate Professor, College of Law
9:00 – 9: 15 am
  • Dr. Tanzila Saba, WiDS Ambassador Riyadh Prince Sultan University
    Topic: Data Science and Machine Learning: Best Practices and Future

9:15 -9:35 am

Latest Trends and Techniques in Data Science

  • Keynote 1
    Dr. Maliha Hashmi, Dr. Maliha Hashmi, Executive Director, Health and Well-Being, Biotech, NEOM.
    Topic: Re-designing the use of Data and the powerful role of women in creating a whole new ecosystem.

9:35-9:50 am
  • Asma Shabab, Digital Business Strategy and Communications Consultant IBM iX. Fulbright Scholar.
    Topic: Women in AI: Addressing Bias

9:50-10:05 am
  • Dr. Sufana AlMashhadi, Director of Innovation Center –King Fahad Medical City, Research Affiliate MIT
    Topic:The secret to a successful disruption of the current healthcare system

10:05-10:20 am
  • Dr. Emna Chikhawi, Vice-Dean College of Law Prince Sultan University
    Topic : Artificial Intelligence and Patent law: A future that could work

Coffee Break: (10:20 – 10:30 am)
Session 2: 10:30-11:50 am
Applications of Data Science in Education and Business Session Chair: Dr. Jolly Sahni, Associate Director MBA Program, College of Business Administration
10:30-11:00 am

Moderator: Dr. Wafa Al-Nasrullah, Vice-Dean College of Business, PSU.
Dr. Maysa Qureshi, Dean Quality Assurance and Development, Prince Sultan University.
Dr. Reem Khalid Mahjoub, Analytics Governance Lead, STC
Manal Halawani, SAP General Manager for Health & Innovation EMEA South.
Buthayna Wehaibi, Service Delivery Manager, Cisco.
Sarah Al Qaseemi, Associate Data Scientist, Elm.

11:00-11:20 am

Keynote 2:
Prof. Arwa Al-Aama, King Abdulaziz University, Ph.D Computer Science from George Washington University
Topic: Open Data and Saudi Vision 2030

11:20– 11:35 am

Dr. Samantha J. Horseman, Human Energy Management at Saudi Aramco
Topic: Human Machine Interface Innovations

11:35-11:50 am

Hirem Pervaz, Manager Strategy & Analytics at Deloitte Middle East, United Arab Emirates
Topic: A Woman’s career in Data Analytics

11:50– 12:45 am

Poster Presentation + Prayer+ Snacks

Session 3: 12:45-2:20 pm
Latest Trends in Humanities and Techniques in Data Science Session Chair: Dr. Dina El Dakhs, Associate Professor, Research Director and Leader Applied Linguistics Lab

Moderator: Dr. Orchida Fayez, Leader Research Group-Literary and Digital Studies in Humanities.
Dr. Hind Al Otaibi – Dean of the College of Humanities, PSU.
Dr. Najwa Al Ghamdi, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University.
Prof. Hadeer Abouelnagah – College of Humanities.
Dr. Hala Ismail – College of Humanities, member.
Dr. Randa I. Aljohani, College of Computer Science.

1:15–1:35 pm

Keynote 3 Dr. Duaa Abaoud , Deputy Director of Electronic Services, Eastern Municipality, Ph.D. Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence from Claremont University
Topic: Data Science from a problem solving perspective

1:35 –1:50 pm

Dr. Moudhi Aljamea, General Manager STC Academy , PhD Computer Security from King’s College London.
Topic: The Power of AI in Cybersecurity.

1:50 –2:05 pm

Zahra Al Kaf, Oracle’s Digital Consultant, M.S Software Engineering from Arizona State University
Topic: Augmented Analytics, Start the Journey

2:05-2:20 pm

Prof. Souham Meshoul, Director M.Sc. Data Analytics, Princess Noura University
Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges at the Frontier of Digital Ecosystems

Session 4: 2:20- 3:45 pm
Wining use cases in Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Session Chair: Dr. Irene Pasina, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
2:20–2:40 pm

Keynote 4
Dr.Anvita Arora, Director Transport and Urban Infrastructure KAPSARC, Ph.D Architecture IIT Delhi
Topic: Redesigning Cities for an Energy Efficient Future

2:40- 2:55 pm

Dr. Hala Sirror, Assistant Professor, Prince Sultan University, Ph.D. Architecture from University of Khartoum
Topic: Anthropometric Study to Develop Customized Architectural Design Data for People in Saudi Arabia

2:55–3:10 pm

Kholood Al Tabash: AData Scientist Innovation Lab, Riyadh M.S Artificial Intelligence from University of Oxford
Topic: Usage of Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing.

3:10 – 3:20 pm

Announcements for Datathon, Poster competition and Twitter Competitions

3:20 – 3:30 pm

Closing remarks: Ms. Fatima Khan, Organizing Chair WiDS, Faculty College of computer and information Sciences

Parallel Workshop Sessions: (4:00 – 7:00 pm)
  • A Glimpse into Data Science - Python
Eng. Reem Mahmood, PhD Student in Machine Intelligence, American University of Beirut (AUB)
  • Publish in high impact journals- Data Driven Methodology
Dr.Dina El-Dhaks, Applied Linguistic Research Lab Leader
Dr.Tanzila Saba, Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics(AIDA) Research Lab,Leader
  • Structural Equation Model Using SPSS Amos
Dr. Fareeda Saleem,Associate Professor, College of Business, PSU
  • Tools of Data Analysis and Data Visualization in Humanities: text and image analysis on social media
Dr. Orchida Fayez Leader Literary and Digital Studies in Humanities Research Group (LDSH), PSU
  • Forecasting Saudi Stock Market Using Oil Prices and Foreign Financial Markets (USA,China)
Rawan Al Amr, Ebtihaj Alfifi, Housing Data and Observatory Center, Ministry of Housing
  • Data Visualization – Power BI
Saima Rashid, Director Center for Statistics and Information, PSU
  • A Journey of a Data Scientist
Sarah Al Qaseemi, Associate Data Scientist at Elm, Representative Saudi Digital Academy- Ministry of Information Technology
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