Plan For A Successful Event

Public Relations And Media Center Provides Logistics, And Technical Services In Addition To The Media Coverage To Support Events And Activities At The University And Its Departments, Based On Followed Mechanisms And Regulations To Ensure The Smooth Progress And Quality Of Workfellow.

  1. The Formal Approval Of The Direct Chairperson Shall Be Obtained By The Applicants To Hold The Event, Including Final Approval Of The Budget And Event Requirements In Detail.
  2. Reservation Of The Event Venue (According To The Mentioned Regulations).
  3. Requests For Supporting Events And Activities Are Received As Follows.

A. Events And Activities Of The University (Public Relations And Media)

  1. Obtaining The Formal Approval Of The Direct Chairperson (Attaching Formal Letter).
  2. Booking The Event Venue (Regulations For Booking Halls).
  3. Submitting The Request To The Events Coordinator (Regulations For Submitting The Request To The Coordinator).
  4. Public Relations And Media Team Contacts The Event Supervisor.

B. Events Services Request (Workflow)

C. Regulations For Booking Halls:

  1. Booking Halls Through The System( ,And Waiting To Be Confirmed (Booking Is Considered Canceled If Not Confirmed).
  2. Hall Booking Time Shall Not Exceed 4 Hours For The Event.
  3. Audience Number Of The Event Shall Be Proportional To The Available Capacity Of The Hall And The General Regulations Of The University.
  4. Technicians Are Not Obligated To Provide Additional Tools Not Available.
  5. If The Applicant Wishes To Use Techniques That Are Not Available In The List, The Center Will Evaluate The Compatibility Of The Required Technique.
  6. The External Devices In The Event Hall Shall Be Activated And Dislodged Under The Supervision Of Hall Administrators And Technicians.

D. Regulations For Submitting The Request To The Coordinator:

  1. Submitting The Request To The Charged Person With The Task Of Submitting Applications As Determined In Each Department And College.
  2. No Request Will Be Received Without Attaching Formal Approval, With Detailed Budget And Services Required.
  3. The Request Shall Be Submitted To The Coordinator In A Minimum Period Of (7 Days) For Internal Events, And (3 Weeks) For External Events Through PRMC Portal(

Male ,Female 400 person The main theater of the university 101 Large Auditorium Under Maintenance
Male ,Female 50 person Workshops and seminars 101 Prince Sultan Hall Fully Booked
Female 100 person Lecture hall / seminars 101 Small Auditorium Available
Female 50 person Workshops and seminars 102 Workshop hall 315 Available
Female 500 person Open space for exhibitions and reception 102 Main Lobby Available
Male ,Female 345 person Lectures / seminars 105 Auditorium C01 Fully Booked
Male ,Female 366 person Lectures / seminars 105 Auditorium C02 Fully Booked
Male ,Female 2000 person Open events and events 105 Open Area Available
Male 20 person VIP welcoming 105 Board Meeting Through email
Male 30person VIP welcoming 104 Board Meeting Through email
Male 700 person Events and occasions 104 Main Lobby Through email