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About Graduate Studies

The Graduate Studies Unit (GSU) is tasked with overseeing the creation, operation, optimization, and assessment of post-graduate programs. Currently, there are five masters-level programs operating in PSU, they are nested under different colleges. The Graduate programs offered in Prince Sultan university are:

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA).
  • Master in Software Engineering (MSE).
  • Master in Cybersecurity (MCS).
  • Master in Commercial Law (MCL).
  • Master in Engineering Management (MEM).

While the inner academic affairs of each program is aptly handled within its respective college, the GSU ensures that all academic and administrative matters fall within acknowledged regulations of the country’s educational system and PSU’s own guidelines. The GSU also maintains close coordination with colleges in order to assess all aspects of post-graduate programs and suggest modifications accordingly.

Graduate Studies Booklets :

For mor information , please read the following Booklets:

Graduate Studies Book
Graduate Studies Bulletin
Unified Bylaws Of Graduate Studies (Eng.)
Unified Bylaws Of Graduate Studies (Ar.)