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Dear Student\
The University provides a channel of communication between the university and students and happy to receive your views and suggestions and your problems related to the university

 PSU is constantly seeking to improve the educational service provided to its students so We decided to adopt enabled system for dealing with complaints, suggestions and opinions of students Therefore, the University has formed a committee to suggestions and complaints to deal with suggestions and complaints of students across the system Tawasolsuggestions and complaints

brother / sister Student:
PSU students is characterized by possessing a high degree of awareness and wisdom and rationality Welcome them to take responsibility for their actions and deeds On the other hand, they have rights should be referred to as the document "Rights and Duties University student" The organization's rules to " Student Rights Unit"
The student has the right to make a complaint or grievance, which is believed to be the harm him, both in his relationship with faculty members، Or department, or any unit of the university,
And have to make a complaint or grievance in accordance with the rules of the organization for the Student Rights unit in University, also has the right to pursue his complaint and find out what happened to the side by the Responsible

Complaints and suggestions procedures in Prince Sultan University :

    • User Name: : The University ID
    • Password: PSU-Email Password
  • The student fills prepared form for complaints and suggestions .
  • The complaints and suggestions follow-up committee to follow up complaints and suggestions periodically, where she works on the classification of complaints and suggestions.
  • The Committee shall examine all complaints and suggestions and then converts it to the competent authority to take the necessary action for them.
  • The complaints and suggestions follow-up committee to follow up complaints and suggestions made until completion.
  • If you face any problem, please feel free to contact us through the E-mail (iopsupport@psu.edu.sa) Your Email should include explanation about the nature of your problem along with your Name and your student ID.

Make sure that all feedback will be taken into account, a point of interest and follow-up. But at the same time you should make sure you take moral and legal responsibility towards what you write in accordance with the statutory procedures in place to prevent malicious allegations and complaints And agree to this document means that you understand and take this responsibility completely