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Dr. Mohamed Tounsi

Associate Professor in Computer Science

Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

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Short Bio:

Mohamed Tounsi received his PhD in Computer Science specialization in artificial intelligence from University of Nantes, FRANCE in 2002. He was the chairman of computer science department and Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Prince Sultan University, KSA. His current research interest includes constraint programming, meta-heuristics, bioinformatics, intelligent argent and optimization algorithm. Previously, Dr. Tounsi received his master of science from Paris 9, Dauphine University, Paris, FRANCE. Dr. Tounsi published several journals publication is different international journals (see Research section). He is currently an editorial member of various journals in the field of computing and he is a board member of Saudi Computer Society.




§  PhD in Computer Science, specialization in Artificial Intelligence, University of Nantes, France 2002

§  M.S. in Computer Science, specialization in Operational Research, University of Paris Dauphine, France 1998

§  Engineer in Operation Research, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumedine, Algiers, 1995


Computer Science Department

Prince Sultan University

P.O Box 66833 Riyadh, 11856, KSA

Email: mtounsi@cis.psu.edu.sa

Office: E-254

Phone: +966 59 87 85 143