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Network and Communication

Wireless Network Service

Service Description

  • Wireless connectivity to PSU Campus, Internet, and various research networks.
  • Authentication with a valid PSU ID is required to access.
  • Encrypted, guest Wi-Fi access is available to users.

Service Options

Basic Wi-Fi Network services described above.
Self-sustaining (enhanced) Wi-Fi Network services may include:

  • Wi-Fi coverage expansion to new areas of existing buildings.
  • Wi-Fi coverage expansion to new outdoor areas.
  • Wi-Fi coverage added to new construction/renovation.
  • Advanced troubleshooting to support specific equipment or a specific use beyond basic network and Internet connectivity.


PSU members (Student, Faculty and Administration)

How to Order

Email: servicedesk@psu.edu.sa


PSU's wired network services design strive to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for planned maintenance, upgrades, and outages.

Service Level Description

Service is monitored for interruptions and outage resolution 24x7x365.