Securing your Computer

Computer Security

Each computer that belongs to PSU is protected with an antivirus program. Computers are protected from downloads or unsafe programs or sources.

To protect your computer

  • - Never download anything in response to a warning from a program you didn't install or don't recognize that claims it will protect your PC or offers to remove viruses. It is highly likely to do the opposite.
  • - Use strong passwords and keep them a secret.
  • - Use flash drives cautiously, Don't put an unknown flash (or thumb) drive into your PC.
  • - Hold down SHIFT key when you insert the drive into your computer. If you forget to do this, click in the upper-right corner to close any flash drive-related pop-up windows

Computers Health

Software programs and tools have been used to scan the network and the attached terminals to protect them from viruses and malicious attack. The scanning process is done continuously to ensure its healthy status. It is initiated through the protection server to run all over the network and the terminal also there is capability to request the scanning for any attached drives or for the PC itself.

Keep on your mind, Always scan any drive you connect it to the computer before using it.
Use the cloud storage provided by Google to have to keep your data portable with you.
Avoid using flash drives as much as possible and In case you need to use the flash drive always be attention to scan the flash drive once it is plugged and do not forget to keep backup copies of its content in the cloud storage.