Equity and Excellence
We provide outstanding outcomes in Indigenous student engagement, leadership, teaching, research and staff employment.


Claim your PSU Account

Your PSU account enables you to access a wide range of applications and services across PSU using a single login name and password.

Set up and Access your PSU Email Account

Your email account is created as a part of the PSU claim process. To access your email, go to the web page below and log in with your username and password:
Visit Email tips to setup your email account.

Set up and Access your PSU Storage

This service enables you as a PSU member to benefit from the network shared resources (Network Drive, Google Drive)
Visit storage drive tips to set up your Network Drive and your Google Drive

Set up your Printer

To set up your printer visit printer tips

Connect to PSU's Network

PSU’s wired and wireless network provide a convenient access to the internet and university’s electronic resources.
To access wi-fi network:
Choose (PSU_FML_Std) SSID and enter your PSU username and password.